Software Measurement European Forum. 10-11 June 2010. Rome, Italy

Start: June 10, 2010
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The Software Measurement European Forum 2010 is the seventh edition of a successful event for the software measurement community. SMEF will be located in Rome, Italy. SMEF has become a leading worldwide event for experience interchange and knowledge improving on a subject that is critical for the ICT governance.


The Software Measurement European Forum will provide an opportunity for the publication and presentation of the latest researches, industrial experiences, case studies, tutorials, best practices on software measurement and estimation. This includes measurement education, methods, tools, processes, standards and the practical application of measures for project and service management, risk management, contractual and improvement purposes. Practitioners from different countries will share their experience and discuss current problems and solutions related to the ICT Governance based on software metrics.
2010 Event focus

Software Measurement and Estimation as leverages for achieving ICT cost savings

In order to spend money on institutionalization of software measurement, managers usually want to be sure that the quantifiable benefits of measuring software will cover the correspondent tangible costs. Actually, measuring software is a relatively low cost endeavour that may lead to significant savings. Unfortunately, as for any other “risk reduction” factor, it is easy to quantify the money that is spent on prevention but it is difficult to quantify the money that, eventually, could have been wasted not adopting it. Software measurement and estimation, as a basis of “quantitative management”, may help in several ways to achieve a good cost/benefit ratio in ICT processes. Here are some areas where software measurement and estimation may be valuable:

  • better and more reliable early estimations of the project/service budget
  • better production planning and control
  • reduction of “litigations”
  • no wasted resources in “oversized” estimations
  • better understanding of its own productivity
  • reliable trend analysis
  • more accurate application withdrawn decisions
  • better priority management
  • better service level agreement management

We encourage submissions on benefits increase leverages and on costs reduction leverages using the software measurement discipline.

This year the Program Committee is soliciting papers focused only in the following areas:

  • Core Area : Software Measurement and estimation as leverages for achieving ICT cost savings
  • How to integrate Software Measurement into Software Production Processes
  • Measurement-driven decision making processes
  • Data Reporting and dashboards
  • Software measurement and Balanced Scorecard approaches
  • Service measurement methods (SLA and KPI)
  • Software measurement in contractual agreements
  • Software measurement and standard process models (ITIL, ASL, …)
  • Software measurement and Software Maturity Models (CMM-I, SPICE, Six Sigma, …)
  • Software measurement in a SOA environment
  • Functional size measurement methods (IFPUG and COSMIC tracks)
  • (Software) Measurement to control risks
  • Software Reuse metrics


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