Software Mind S.A. as Vice-Leader of the QUALITY LEADER 2008 contes

During the 5th Conference on IT System Quality Software Mind S.A. took the second place in the QUALITY LEADER 2008 contest. The purpose of the contest organized by Computerworld weekly was to emphasize the growing role of the pro-quality approach in the IT industry.

The contest selects companies whose achievements stand out against the achievements of other enterprises in the field of quality management and quality assurance in IT. Awards are granted to entities which – owing to the use of methodologies, organizational solutions and tools – have strengthened their market competitiveness, have improved the quality of IT systems created and implemented or IT services rendered and have raised the level of satisfaction of customers and users of IT solutions and services.

The strategy of Software Mind S.A. is building very high quality products – reliable programs to meet the Customers’ needs, which are delivered within stipulated time limits and budget.

Software Mind S.A. is continuously taking up activities aimed at disseminating good practices related to creation of top quality IT systems. While developing innovative projects for demanding customers, the company emphasizes notable benefits from high quality of IT products delivered.
The key objective of Software Mind Quality Policy is to achieve the highest possible quality of products created and services provided, which translates into increased customer satisfaction with solutions offered by software Mind S.A.

At Software Mind S.A. the quality of products and services is the responsibility of each employee. Furthermore, the company Quality Department actively strives to achieve the highest possible quality. Excellent and repeatable quality is ensured by the company’s original software production process and the test process integrated with it. The process allows for effective execution of projects with both customers focusing on flexibility and dynamism and those valuing good and detailed planning of work before project  commencement.

Software Mind S.A. is profoundly involved in promoting quality in the Polish IT market and takes up action to disseminate good practices connected with improvement in IT system quality. Software Mind S.A. best specialists actively participate in numerous conferences and undertakings dedicated to quality-related issues. One of Software Mind S.A. successes is co-organization of Poland’s first conference devoted to Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI – Why Should You Care?, 2006) as well as the first conference in Central and Eastern Europe for Software Process Improvement (CEE-SPI, 2007).

Software Mind S.A. specialists are also lecturers at the most Polish conferences on IT system quality, such as IT System Quality Conference, Autumn Meetings organized by the Polish Information Processing Society or SQUAM Conference and they publish works on quality.

Software Mind S.A. plans its debut at the Warsaw Stock Exchange for the 3rd/4th quarter of 2008. One of the most significant strategies of the company development is even more intense growth in the area of semantic technologies, while its other important strategy is foreign expansion.

Source: Software Mind

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