Software Mind implements the strategy of own solutions development

Software Mind SA focuses on continuous development and improvement of its telecommunication, financial and energy sector solution portfolio. The creation of own product offer is a strategic element of the company long-term strategy. In 2009, the Company recorded 23% increase in revenues from own product sales.
The Computerworld TOP 200 ranking, in which Software Mind SA recorded a 21 position advancement (from the 44th position) in the category of Companies selling own software, taking the 23rd place is a confirmation of the company results.

Software Mind SA takes good position in the telecommunications and financial sector and focuses on the support of marketing processes, sales, customer service (Customer Management).

The Company took the following place in the Computerworld TOP 200 ranking:

  • 21st place in the category of Companies that achieve revenues from the telecommunications sector.
  • 32nd place in the category of Companies that achieve revenues from the banking sector – advancement of 12 positions.
  • 5th place in the category of Companies that achieve revenues from the CRM systems sales – advancement of 5 positions.

In 2009, the Company continued the research and development work in the field of semantic technologies and IPTV technology. The Computerworld TOP 200 ranking and high position of Software Mind SA is a confirmation of successful actions undertaken by the Company:

  • Overview – The share of expenditure on research and development in the revenues – 7th position.
  • Overview – The size of research and development departments – 9th position.
  • Overview – The R&D financing from EU funds – 4th position. 

Other Computerworld TOP 200 rankings including Software Mind SA:

  • IT companies operating in Poland in 2009 – 150th position.
  • Companies providing advisory services in 2009 – 41st position, 6 positions advancement.
  • IT companies providing services in 2009 – 95th position, 12 positions advancement.
  • Companies with revenues from the BI system licence sales in 2009 – 3rd position, advancement of 9 positions.
  • Companies providing integration services in 2009 – 32nd position, advancement of 29 positions.
  • Companies with revenues from export in 2009 – 33rd position.
  • Companies providing maintenance services in 2009 – 34rd position.

Source: Software Mind

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