Software Outsourcing – Benefits and Advantages

Outsourcing, a conjecture initiated by Adam Smith in 1776 in his book “The Wealth of Nations”. In modern era outsourcing business in India started from 1980′s and in the past decade it has reached to its peak and is still growing higher. Primarily started with a motto of cost effectiveness, however after knowing other involved benefits it molded in software field as well.

With experienced expertise and rich amount of talented software development companies, going for software outsourcing in India could be a wise decision. India has a vast range of software development companies, working in different fields and platforms. These fields and platforms could be classified under: web designing and development, iPhone and other mobile phone application and development, graphics development, games development, CMS (Content Management System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Application development and many others, providing the stakeholder a clear visualization to choose its software development company for software outsourcing in India.

Indian software outsourcing companies serve as a software development partner to the companies based all around the world, including USA, UK, Australia, Europe, GCC etc. Apart from the cost effective feature, there are end number of benefits in custom application development work for the companies to go for software outsourcing in India. Some of them could be listed below:

  • The utmost benefit is with the money, as outsourcing in India could be the most cost effective solution. The reason is due to currency difference and comparatively cheap labor.
  • The Government plays an active role in augmenting development of the outsourcing industry by way of initiative such as IPR (Protection of Intellectual Property Rights) and setting up STPI (Software Technology Park of India) across various cities of India. This enables the Indian software outsourcing companies to serve their clients in a better way and ensures the foreign partners for confidentiality of data they send offshore.
  • To get the work delivered on time is a major concern for all the companies. And offshore software outsourcing companies make sure that their clients get their work always on time.
  • Keeping customer first, software development companies in India believe in customer satisfaction. So they make sure that their clients get the utmost satisfaction with the kind of service they offer.
  • There are significant numbers of custom application development companies in India that are CMMI (Capability Maturity Management and Integration) and Microsoft certified. This empowers Indian companies to attempt enterprise level projects in India and abroad.

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