Software Romania News

Software Romania News

Software Romania’s trends for 2011 reflect a market becoming more mature and aware of its potential. In spite of all contractions, Software Romania is heading for a 10% raise in total exports. Software Romania domestic sales are also forecasted to grow two times by 2015, compared to the market value registered in 2010.  The Government directs palpable measures in order to support Software Romania’s sector.

As it will be presented below, the premises for Software Romania evolution are strong: more than ten thousands information technology companies are operating in Romania, more than sixty thousand persons are working in the sector, major global players have opened their development or service centers in the ost important cities for Romania and new mergers and acquisitions are likely to happen between 2011-2015.

Software Romania’s total exports were of av. 736 USD million (calculated for custom software development and outsourcing). Overmore Six Romanian companies specialized in software applications sare among the first 400 international companies included in the Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2010 ranking, made by Deloitte.

Two companies are from Cluj-Napoca, two from Bucharest, one from Iasi and one from Timisoara. Deloitte Technology Fast 500 is one of the most objective reference point in the technology industry. In order to be eligible, companies must have an at least five-year long activity, base year operating revenues of at least 50,000 euros and current year operating revenues of at least 800,000 euros.

Software Romania is expected to reach an increase of total software export s (by av. 10%) along with the development of large software companies migrating to the provinces; also new entrants for R&D centers are likely to settle in Romania in the coming year, corroborated with new M&A activity n 2011; ZEW places Romania on the fourth rank in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) concerning economical outlook.

Software Romania out passes other CEE countries by its’ talent. The creativity and power of innovation proved by Romanian software engineers are leaving a mark on the projects executed here and hopefully it will be acknowledged by more and more global investors.


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