SOPREX takes part in hip “Digital Age” summit dmexco 2014 in Cologne

SOPREX takes part in hip “Digital Age” summit dmexco 2014 in Cologne

The digitization of all aspects of life and the associated major technological advances are not only leading to the creation of new business models; they are also changing prevailing economic structures and laws, often in a fundamental manner.

Value creation in the digital economy is based on new disruptive ways of thinking, which the marketing, media, and advertising sectors naturally attempt to address in order to open up new dimensions for their business.

dmexco is the central platform that visibly presents this new economy — the “digiconomy” — and also highlights all the trends associated with it. dmexco 2014 concept known as SHIFT lists the key factors of success in the digiconomy and describes the changes companies need to make if they wish to remain successful in the future. SHIFT acronym stands for Short-Term, Holistic, Innovative, Flexible, Transposing.

Development cycles in the digiconomy are brutally short. Marketing, media, and creative businesses and technologies need to react to new trends, theories, and future scenarios in real-time.

SOPREX is adapting its business model to evolving requirements of digitconomy.

Our recent partnerships with some of young guns of German vibrant e-commerce and e-business landscape proves that SOPREX is capable of supporting challenging architectures and integration prerequisites, highly flexible structures, flat hierarchies and virtual collaboration models, with relentless watch on consistent productivity and quality level.

For a more detailed description and information about the collaboration model, do not hesitate to contact us.

Source: SOPREX

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