Soprex Sencha Team created Mobile Application Administration Tool

Soprex Sencha Team created Mobile Application Administration Tool

Soprex Dedicated Sencha Development team is developing native mobile applications for a variety of uses.

Following contemporary trends and initiatives in the field of mobile applications development, our developers are trying to deliver easy-to-use software solutions that will effectively face the needs of actual business models, allowing users to easily communicate, collaborate and complete their tasks while on the move.

In order to enable remote administration of current applications’ users, our Sencha Development team has designed the Application Administration Tool.

This mobile application allows dedicated administrators to access the backend layer of any custom developed applications from their mobile devices. All actions regarding user administration (access privileges, credentials management, user logs and other related operations) can be performed from any place and any device. Therefore, all urgent issues that may occur will be resolved in the shortest period of time, with prompt response from the application administrator.

Being a company with a wide portfolio of software solutions and services, specialized in Custom software development, Soprex has put an effort in making an application that will ease the management of custom-made solutions. Application Administration Tool will now enable 24/7 support to all installed applications, regardless of the administrator working time and location.

This will elevate the service level to the highest values, and minimize the response time. As a result, we expect the greatest level of customer satisfaction among users of our web and desktop applications. Application Administration Tool is available for Android, Windows Mobile and iOS platforms. The application is user-friendly, with simple installation and use. Our team is at your service for further information.

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