Soprex formed dedicated Sencha development teams

Soprex formed dedicated Sencha development teams

As one of the leading software development companies in the region, we are specialized in building next generation enterprise business applications for our clients.

In 2009, our teams started to use Sencha frameworks and up to this moment we managed to complete more than 50 projects that involved following Sencha frameworks and tools:

  • Ext JS
  • Sencha Touch
  • Sencha Architect
  • Sencha Animator

Today, there is absolutely no doubt that web technologies and HTML5 have transformed the browser into a first-class application platform. We have registered an increasing demand for modern mobile and desktop HTML5 applications and formed dedicated Sencha development teams.

Why Sencha?

Sencha frameworks and tools help us design, develop and deploy applications for desktop and mobile devices. With Sencha our teams have enhanced their development experience and project results thanks to well-structured, Web standards-based frameworks and tools.

HTML5 Standards

Sencha SDKs empower Soprex team to create rich applications without depending on a proprietary platform and to leverage open standards for client’s application needs.

Customizable UI

Sencha desktop and mobile SDKs come out of the box with high performance, customizable UI widgets, an extensible component model, and an easy-to-use API. This way Soprex teams are able to produce next generation user experiences.

Cross-Browser Fidelity

With Sencha SDKs, we are able to provide our clients with the same pixel perfect interface — whether our customer is on IE8 or the latest Chrome. We simply do not have to worry about backward compatibility because Sencha team does this for us.

Flexible Development

We are able to execute a flexible development strategy to client applications with frameworks built on a robust architecture. Sencha frameworks have a separation of data management, logic, and interface elements, to make parallel development easy.

Source: Soprex

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