Soprex has implemented real-time dashboards project with heavy use of AngularJS

Soprex has implemented real-time dashboards project with heavy use of AngularJS

Our partner, Intorel Sàrl based in Luxembourg, is a company behind Visionic© software product used by leading satellite and telephony providers for real-time monitoring of satellite uplink stations, fixed and mobile microwave links and other telecommunication systems.

The project scope was defined as a visualization of real-time data stream containing data packets imported from uplink stations to Visionic© application server and streamlined to application client. The most important goals were to design new user experience, improve the management of components’ visibility within the presentation layout, enhance usability and enable several new functionalities to support evolving end-user requirements.

The project was named GCV (Global Control View) to reflect its main purpose – the creation of sophisticated dashboards enabling reliable global real-time system monitoring.

Soprex has implemented GCV dashboard solution featuring sleek and elegant user interface with numerous widget and chart templates. Responsive web design achieved with heavy use of AngularJS library enables comfortable cross-platform accessibility and usability. AngularJS supports high level of separation between views, models and controllers.

It takes only a couple of minutes to build customized dashboard with simple widget drag & drop interface. The user is fully independent in terms of selecting the best fitted set of visual instruments to display critical process data, alarms, alerts, and other parameters.

Generally speaking, the real-time dashboard is a web-based tool that aggregates all data from a data stream and provides real-time data visualization. In a connection-oriented communication, a data stream is a sequence of digitally encoded coherent signals (packets of data) used to transmit or receive information.

Any data feed (from a device, system of interconnected devices or an application) is easily translated into a manifest set of active charts, diagrams and images, thus providing comprehensive monitoring of relevant data parameters.

In the era of the internet of things (IOT) there are plenty different areas of usage of real-time dashboards for monitoring purposes. Any data stream devices’ network used in the industry, agriculture, telecommunications, environmental protection, urban management, or in everyday life of an individual person, can be a source of data to be visualized by a real-time dashboard for monitoring and controlling purposes.

Source: Soprex

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