SBP Romania Releases Version 2.0 of the XLogViewer .NET Development Tool

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA, April 21, 2008 – Software Business Partners, a software outsourcing company based in Romania, announces the release of version 2.0 of XLogViewer .NET Development Tool, a complete logging and tracing solution targeted at .NET applications. The new version of XLogViewer features many improvements, including an important update to its programming interface for the primary .NET languages: VB NET and C#.


The outsourcing company from Romania states the new version has been developed not only to support the latest .NET features but also to incorporate the large amount of user feedback received after the previous release. The company’s website, that can be reached at , allows outsourcing customers to contribute their suggestions of what should be included in the application. The experience gained with the large number of outsourcing projects successfully completed in Romania has also been a very important factor in the new set of features. The installer has been improved to deploy the software in a more intuitive manner, which helps developers better find their way when looking for the installed files and resources. The new installer uses a bootstrap executable to automatically download and install the .NET Framework and the other prerequisite programs (if they not already already present); this makes deployment simple and straightforward. New users are going to get faster up-to-speed with the product from SBP Romania thanks to the new integrated documentation. It explains the main user interface options, command line parameters, and more detailed things, such as the programming interface (which can be VB.NET, C#, or any other .NET supported language). The VB.NET interface is targeted at productivity, while C# can be used when more control is needed for programming the library. A test application has been included in the package, allowing programmers to better understand what happens when errors are encountered, how does the logging library handle them, and what is written in the log file. The test application, available in the C# and VB.NET programming languages, is also a good way to generate logs that can be then analyzed by XLogViewer, to familiarize developers with the overall process. The logging library from SBP Romania now supports better integration with the Visual Studio development environment and with the main .NET programming languages – VB.NET and C#. Debugging applications that rely on XLogViewer has become faster by instructing the debugger to skip irrelevant VB.NET and C# code.


 The outsourcing company from Romania is pleased to announce that one the features long expected since version 1.0 made its way into the current release too – the ability to sort the log entries not only by time, but also by the various other details included in the logging process. Prior to this release, SBP Romania made a beta version available its outsourcing customers; the feedback gained from the outsourcing partners helped build a very stable release. Software Business Partners, with headquarters in Bucharest, Romania, is an IT company that provides outsourcing services for software architecture, development and support, on a variety of platforms, including .NET. You can find more information about XLogViewer on the SBP Romania corporate website, at

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