SPIRIT Navigation Successfully Tested its Indoor Positioning Solution for Mobile Devices

SPIRIT Navigation Successfully Tested its Indoor Positioning Solution for Mobile Devices

SPIRIT Navigation and the EADS Russian Technology Office had successfully tested the prototype of the indoor positioning solution for mobile devices at both the EADS Russia offices and the Afimall Shopping Center in Moscow

SPIRIT Navigation’s solution is unique in providing precise positioning inside buildings without the need to install dedicated beacons transmitting special signals. SPIRIT Navigation’s innovative software enables positioning indoors based on fusion of a smartphone sensors’ data interacting with a specific proprietary map layer describing indoor spaces. SPIRIT’s technology is available to mobile operators and location-based service providers and offers accurate localization, search, routing and turn-by-turn navigation to the points of interest indoors.

“Analytic agencies predict that the Mobile Location-Based Services Market is set to exceed $12bn by 2014″, says Ruslan Budnik, General Director of SPIRIT Navigation. “However a substantial part of the mobile marketing and advertising business potential is frozen as a result of the absence of indoor positioning technology. Worldwide location-based services are waiting for positioning technology which can provide a one-meter level of indoor accuracy. Today we have tested a prototype that comes close to the performance needed for a commercial product”.

SPIRIT’s solution for high precision indoor positioning and seamless navigation was presented to the EADS RTO Technical Council in Moscow. EADS RTO representatives said that this new technology would fit into the infrastructure of the «Airport of the future».

The results of the test are displayed in a video, that shows 1 meter accuracy for pedestrian dynamic positioning indoors.

About SPIRIT Navigation

SPIRIT Navigation, a subsidiary of SPIRIT DSP, specializes in development and licensing of high-tech positioning and navigation products, digital radio and data communications. SPIRIT Navigation has been a participant of Skolkovo foundation innovation project since 2012.

About EADS Russian Technology Office

EADS established the Russian Technology Office (RTO) in 2003 as a part of its corporate research network “EADS Innovation Works” to facilitate cooperation with the Russian research and development community and it has experience of running over 130 projects. The EADS Russian Technology Office is a Skolkovo resident.

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