SpreadIT Poland 2015

SpreadIT Poland 2015
Start: November 21, 2015
Address: Faculty of Automatic control, Electronics and Computer Science of the Silesian University of Technology, Akademicka 16, 44-141, Gliwice, Poland
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SpreadIT is a nationwide, open and free conference dedicated primarily to software engineering and development of computer games.

The three independent thematic courses, conducted within the conference, will enable the participants to choose the lectures individually according to their interests.

The following subjects will be available:

Software Engineering

Software Engineering – toilsome nightmare of a programmer or potent support towards success and order? Come and see how much worth are i.a. a good analysis, project and documentation, and what part they play throughout the project lifecycle.

Video Games Development

Nowadays, video games are becoming more advanced and complex, so how can we keep up with them? What can we do to understand the process of their development? Within this pathway, we offer an enjoyable way of delving into secrets of creating these incredible virtual means of entertainment.

Soft Subjects

The world of IT is not about fixed routines and rules – also here, skills stemming from so-called soft subject are necessary. An example? Analysts often need a good contact with their customers and video game developers make use of creativity and proper organization skills. This, and much more is what “Soft Subjects” consist of.



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