State-of-the-Art Product CBOSSeir to Help Telecom Operators Combat Fraud

State-of-the-Art Product CBOSSeir to Help Telecom Operators Combat Fraud

CBOSS presents its new basic core network solution CBOSSeir Equipment Identity Register. CBOSSeir can be a reliable protection against the use of stolen mobile phones as well as restrict access of illegal devices to your network.

Today’s world statistics show that most crimes committed in public places are theft of mobile phones. The victims often lose not only the money they spent on the purchase of their mobile phones, but also valuable contacts and relevant information that in most cases is impossible to restore. No doubt that all this makes the issue of such crime prevention a priority.

One of the most effective ways to significantly reduce the number of crimes involving theft of mobile phones is to block access of a stolen device to the network through monitoring of International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) by the Equipment Identity Register (EIR). The effectiveness of using this 3GPP-standardized technology has been proved in many countries where, after starting to use the EIR, the number of mobile phone thefts decreased several times. For example, after IMEI control was introduced in England, the level of crimes related to theft of mobile phones fell by 95%. The Russian Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications is already working on amendments to the Law “On communications.” This will become the first practical step towards countrywide implementation of IMEI control via the Equipment Identity Register.

Another important task that the EIR solves efficiently is prevention of use of mobile devices in the networks of competing telecom companies when one of them sells these devices under its own brand or as part of a service contract and positions them as devices to be used in its own network only.

Our latest high-tech product CBOSSeir will help you to effectively solve these problems via IMEI control. CBOSSeir supports white, black, and grey IMEI lists. At an attempt of a cell phone to access the network, its equipment forwards the device’s IMEI to CBOSSeir that checks it. If the IMEI is on the white list, CBOSSeir will unconditionally allow access to the network. If the device is on the grey list, it will not be denied access to the network, but will be continuously monitored while on the network. If the device’s IMEI is on the black list, it will be totally denied access to the network and become practically useless.

If a subscriber reports a phone theft or loss, its IMEI is put on the black list. This approach discourages a criminal to steal a phone, for he/she won’t be able to use it.

CBOSSeir can be integrated with an external IMEI database, such as CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register). This will allow telecom operators to combat fraud globally. Thanks to this approach, a stolen phone will be tracked and blocked in any network, regardless of the subscriber’s operator.

With CBOSSeir, a telecom operator can interact with the global IMEI database and make sure equipment sold for use in its own network only will not be used in other networks. Implementing such sales strategy, telcos are interested in protecting their rights and can deal with fraudulent behavior, for instance, through using SIM lock or Service Provider Lock. Yet, this method is often not quite efficient, as a cell phone can be unlocked in specialized illegal shops. That is why it is more reliable to link a phone to your network through CBOSSeir. A device’s IMEI is put on the black list of the global IMEI database, which makes it impossible to use the phone in any network other than the home one.

To make the use of CBOSSeir more convenient, it can be integrated with an operator’s call center to speed up the time of response to the block phone requests. For example, a subscriber contacts the call center and reports that his/her phone has been stolen. Once the operator identifies the subscriber, he/she can block the phone via CBOSSeir in a matter of a couple of minutes.

An additional advantage of CBOSSeir is that it can automatically collect statistics on all mobile devices registered in the operator’s HLR and store the info in a single database. The telecom operator can get statistics on its subscribers’ mobile phone models and use this info for marketing purposes. For example, to carry out subscriber base segmentation, hold targeted ad campaigns or forecast sales of various models of mobile devices.

All this makes CBOSSeir a cutting-edge, highly reliable solution that successfully combines a variety of features designed to protect the interests of both a telco and its subscribers. With CBOSSeir, a telecom operator can introduce a reliable technology for preventing the use of stolen mobile devices, which will vividly demonstrate the company’s civil responsibility. CBOSSeir also allows telcos that sell mobile equipment under their own brand to protect their investment in subscriber equipment funding by restricting its use in other operators’ networks.

Andrey Morozov, CBOSS President, says “This innovative solution from CBOSS is a striking example of how high tech not only makes people’s life more convenient but also increases their safety and, to some extent, helps improve social relationships, which is of paramount importance. A couple of months ago, my 14-year-old son was robbed of a mobile phone at knifepoint on his way home from school in broad daylight. Fortunately, the knife was not used then. However, it’s shocking to think that a mobile can be the reason for injuring or even killing a person. Use of CBOSSeir is to reduce the number of crimes against the person. That is why CBOSS sets the lowest possible price for the product to encourage its use to the maximum extent possible. If this solution helps save anybody’s life, its promotion to telecom operators even at the cost of our profit margin loss will be more than justified.”

Source: CBOSS
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