Steps to boost IT outsourcings effectiveness suggested

A few steps can allow businesses to get the most value from IT outsourcing, it has been suggested.

Industry analyst Gartner claimed that outsourcing can be difficult to manage if companies have failed to prepare for its use.

To resolve this, the researcher recommended that IT outsourcing users adopt an outcome-oriented approach, which involves applying strategy management to ensure that the solution is aligned with business goals.

In addition, implementing financial management procedures to manage the cost of outsourcing and establishing targets such as reducing total spending on the activities can help to establish clear guidelines.

The organisation also said that demand management allows firms to optimise their resources by making sure IT outsourcing is used in the areas which it is needed the most.

Frank Ridder, research director at Gartner, concluded: “Organisations that excel in sourcing have seamlessly integrated all providers, aligned all parties behind one goal, developed an agile sourcing environment and achieved business impact through targeted IT spending.”

Recently, the National Outsourcing Association claimed companies are increasing their use of IT outsourcing in a bid to reduce their costs during the economic downturn.

Source: ihotdesk

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