SSO China: Strategic Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit, 18 April, 2011, Suzhou

Start: April 18, 2011
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Sharpening the business focus of your Shared Services and Outsourcing strategy, driving business agility through optimised back-office performance and process transformation.

Thought to be the “Next India”, the China outsourcing/offshoring market presents many organisations with proposition that is diverse, complex AND difficult.

The burgeoning multinational company presence in China and significant growth of Chinese-born companies has driven business leaders to re-strategize their back-office functions. Meanwhile, the aggressive promotion from the Government on exporting “services” instead of “products” has stimulated the surge in this sector.

What this all this points to is that, just like in the manufacturing sectors in previous years, China’s entry into the Shared Services & Outsourcing market is potentially a game-changer.

How does this impact your business strategy?

Whether you are:

  • Moving a strategic step forward in China to transform your business processes through Shared Services and Outsourcing?
  • Unsure about the capex strategy required to engineer your Shared Services structure?
  • Looking for solutions to conquer the challenges posed by the uniqueness of a market with skilled-talent shortage and language barriers?

Or, if you have been riding the wave of Outsourcing/Shared Services growth in China, and are looking for a roadmap to push it forward to deliver next level services, broaden your geo footprint, and sharpen the business focus of existing operations to move up the value chain, you need to be in the room at the Strategic Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit China.

Source: SSON

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