Strategy for Belarusian Information Society Adopted

On August 9, the Council of Ministers of Belarus adopted the country’s development strategy for information society up to the year 2015.

The essence of the strategy is to ensure that any Belarusian citizen exercises the right to receive information, while public authorities should provide the information, and the Belarusian business should provide technical support to the process.

The strategy is developed up to the year 2015 and includes the following provisions:

  • By that time, all educational institutions will be provided with the internet
  • More than 50 percent of Belarusians will be provided with a high–speed mobile internet connection
  • The e–commerce ratio in Belarus will reach 30 percent
  • Creation of a secure unified system of electronic document management for Belarusian governmental authorities will be completed
  • Half of the medical records in Belarus will be provided in electronic form.


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