Street of Programmers To Appear in Minsk

Street of Programmers To Appear in Minsk

On March 13, the Minsk City Executive Committee passed a resolution to create Street of Programmers in Minsk, Belarus. The street will be located on the territory of High-Tech Park, the Belarusian Silicon Valley.
Thus, the Belarusian capital decided to give proper respect to the professional community of Belarusian software developers the history of which spans more than half a century. Historically, Minsk was among the main USSR IT centers because of the computer production facilities and design institutes that were concentrated here. At independence, the country inherited mature technical infrastructure and reputable educational system of the former Soviet Union.

IBA plans to build up the area of approximately 3.5 hectares along the new street. The IBA complex in HTP will include an office building for 1,000 working places, a multilevel parking for 400 cars, a fitness center, and a house of 132 apartments for IBA employees.

In addition, HTP administration, a shopping mall, two rental houses, a school, and a kindergarten will be located at Street of Programmers.

Source: IBA Group
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