Strengthen Your COI Program While Streamlining Disclosure Efforts

Strengthen Your COI Program While Streamlining Disclosure Efforts
Start: January 22, 2014
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One of the primary focuses of the National Institute of Health (NIH), Sunshine Act, US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), government agencies, accrediting bodies, and other regulators is identifying and avoiding risk associated with Conflicts of Interest (COI). Historically restricted to financial services, healthcare and life sciences verticals are now heavily affected by and scrutinized for COI particularly in their interactions with other types of organizations such as universities, medical care, and research institutions. Managing COI is a daunting task as conflicts constantly change due to extensive collaborations and the evolving nature of the healthcare industry.

Traditional compliance processes are manual, resource-intensive, and often incapable of effectively managing COI compliance, exposing organizations to substantial risk and liability. Frequent, repetitive, inconsistently configured, and time-consuming COI disclosure processes further add to the woes.

Join speakers Elaine Brock, President and Senior Partner at C3 Authority, LLC and Timothy Schmutzler, Regional VP of GRC Solutions at MetricStream at this webinar to recognize COI and understand the business advantages of an effective COI program. Key points to be discussed by the noted speakers include:

  • Understanding and managing COI in the healthcare sector
  • Recognizing when and what information a company needs to obtain, retain, and provide as it interacts with the government and other collaborators
  • Ways to eliminate redundant data input to streamline the COI disclosure process
  • Leveraging technology to streamline and automate the COI program


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