Succes in Building Construction Software Expertise

Succes in Building Construction Software Expertise

Several years ago, Sigma Software company engaged in a series of projects in construction area for a Swedish construction company. To delve into the area, we have deeply investigated regulations, needs, and bottlenecks in the construction industry. Having profound insights, we have managed to create advanced solutions for construction worker’s competences control and site access management.

The nation-wide solution for construction worker competences control includes information about the trainings and courses taken by workers anywhere in the country. The solution integrates with identity management systems at construction sites and zones. Thus, workers get access only to zones and equipment, for which they have adequate training and qualifications.

An access control system regulates entrance to different zones and usage of tools and machinery. This ensures safety of the construction site. Moreover, the solution allows to automatically adjusting lighting and heating levels.

The customers highly rate the developed solutions and wish to continue cooperation with our company to add new functionality to these solutions and to commence new ambitious projects. Comments from the customers acknowledge that they consider our company a knowledge keeper and an expert in the area ready to share the knowledge and help in decision-making.

Now we can say that we have successfully evolved our software development expertise for construction industry and reached an expert level. We are proud to get recognition of our achievements from our customer – Swedish Construction Federation.

Anatoly Kochetov, Department Manager at Sigma Software:

“We are glad to set up game-changing solutions together with our customers. Evidently, construction industry needs good organization and control to create engineering masterpieces. This is where software can contribute to the construction process. This is what we try to deliver with the solutions we develop – perfect order and impeccable efficiency.”


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