Successful participation on this years Personal Hungary exhibition

VT-Soft participated according to its new design on this year's Personal Hungary. The totally redone and renewed outlook manifestly was a success.

The audience got the chance to acquaint with our honored OPUS modules and listen to a presentation on our most up to date .NET technology built VT-Constellation both days on our stand.

The visitors got to know about the user friendly surface which is similar to MS Windows and easily meets the requirements of the customers. More over VT-Constellation is perfectly compatible with other systems such as; management, finance(s), workflow and so on. The presentation also emphasized that in the software beyond the general HR activities other important HR tasks for instance recruitment, trainings, performance evaluation and other supporting functions are present.

Above the renewed design elements the very scenic chocolate fondue was also a big success on our stand.

We had the chance to meet many visitors and enquirers on our stand which we are very grateful for! Our company is pleased to have given valuable and interesting professional information to our guests.

Source: VT-Soft

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