SuperAdmins Organized Third Developers’ mDay

SuperAdmins Organized Third Developers’ mDay

Third Developers' mDay

Mday was better than ever. The professionalism and positive energy made this event the one to remember. With our sister company Mainstream, we organized Third Developers’ mDay. It was one of the most inspiring events by far and there were also plenty of other opportunities for socializing and networking. The event was placed at Belgrade Dorćol Platz.

Community of developers (or if you prefer programmers) from year to year is growing and it is now unquestionably one of the most attractive profession in Serbia. But it is often forgotten how challenging is to be a developer as IT market is constantly changes and it is hard to follow that pace. The aim of Mday was to Web developers get first-hand information on current trends in web design system, through technical presentations by leading experts. Of course, the lectures would not have been nearly as successful as they were not followed by questions/discussion from the audience.


We gathered and hosted some of the greatest names of business innovations in web development dedicated to the new technologies.

The first on the “scene” came Bogdan Kecman from Oracle, who present MySQL group replication, handy plugin for MySQL database.

Vedran Križek, CTO from Trikoder, in his lecture focused on strategies caching systems with large data flow and high performance, such as for example portals for news.

The first block of lectures was closed with another interesting topic. Miloš Jovanov, PHP developer from the company Ringier, shared with the audience his rich experience in various types of frameworks, with all their advantages and disadvantages.

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After a short break for refreshments started the second block of lectures and one “live” demo. Marko Uskoković from Mainstream with his awesome presentation about Ansible, automated network configuration management tool and its implementation, maintenance and management servers.

Slobodan Marković, from RNIDS, ICT Policy and Internet Community Relationship Adviser and Jelena Ozegović Marketing and Communication Associate held a mini panel in which they presented the results of recently conducted research “Program me that domain”.

Ivan Rečević, from company Gaia gave a comprehensive overview of the dataLayer which, according to him, is the basis of digital marketing. Although it is a “normal” Java script object, dataLayer opens excellent opportunities for marketing, analytics and measurement.


After a lunch break, the audience had the opportunity to hear the official program with some other interesting insights about developments.

Ivan Jelić, technical editor for the Web B92 opened the afternoon program. In a lecture titled “Free Software for free bugs” Ivan wanted to point out to all advantages of using open source software.

Filip Danić from company SpiceFactory presented ChatBot.


The third block lectures are closed by Zoran Trandafilović and Branko Riznić, developers from Cofa Games studio. Their story of the development of multiplayer games ‘Awekening of Heroes’ has shown all the challenges and what solutions exist for the development of such a complex system that includes a wide range of software platforms.

Panel discussion “Strengthening the IT sphere with the help of the IT community,” closed the third Developers’ mDay. Nenad Lasković from Agile Coaching Serbia, Miloš Mihaljević from WP Serbia, Igor Spasić from Heap Space, Milan Popović from Serbia PHP and moderator of the panel, Nemanja Čedomirović had no easy task to answer the questions of how much influence do the IT community development of the entire IT sphere in Serbia. The panelists and audience had a lot to say on this subject. We can conclude that the main purpose of these communities is sharing – and only by sharing information their member can grow and develop, and the whole IT sector in Serbia in general.

It is always a joy meeting young perspective professionals and sharing experiences. Thank you for a lovely time and see you next year!

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