Swedbank and Miratech signed up to improve Bank’s IT operations

Swedbank has entered into the contract with Miratech, a member company of EDB group. The contract is extendable for 3 years with TVC of approximately 10 million UAH. According to the contract, Miratech will provide bank’s customer and user support in all of 25 regions of Ukraine. The scope of agreement covers support of standard software, bank applications, desktops, peripherals, ATMs and POS terminals. Following the agreed plan, the bank releases all its IT support personnel in the regions: the employees are given an option for an employment at Miratech where they can join Miratech team delivering IT support services to Swedbank and other financial organizations in Ukraine. The current agreement with Miratech follows a tendering process initiated by the bank in early 2010. Several major IT service providers including both major domestic and international players were invited to submit the bids.

By Valeriy Kutsyy, Miratech CEO, the contract is said to be “quite a serious challenge that came as no surprise. Swedbank and EDB Business Partner collaborate since 2006, so for our part to see Swedbank Ukraine entering an outsourcing agreement with Miratech is another step forward, which, beyond all questions, lets Miratech head the segment of regional IT support services for the financial sector in Ukraine“.

“Swedbank is one of the largest banking groups in the Nordic area with approximately 16,000 employees and over 9 million private customers. As everywhere, working in Ukrainian market is a matter of successful focusing on customer service. I believe that the new agreement with Miratech will help us to achieve a higher operational efficiency and focus to a greater extend on strategic management”, comments Sergey Kholod, Chief Operating Officer at Swedbank Ukraine.

Source: Miratech

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