Sybase – Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for 2010

Orak Engineering uses Sybase solutions by compiling them together with our own business software solutions!

Sybase, Inc., is a leading provider of enterprise and mobile applications designed for management, analysis and mobilization of the information, is in the leading Magic Quadrant of Gartner for Warehouse Database Management Systems for data storage in 2010.

According to the report, Gartner puts in the leading quadrant those database storages, “the suppliers of which demonstrate high support level of database storages of all sizes, with larger amounts of simultaneous user activities and capabilities for management of combined workloads”.

These suppliers are market leaders for data storage, constantly demonstrating customer satisfaction and high levels of support, they’ve been on the Warehouse Database Management Systems market for data storage for a while and have good partnership relations with suppliers of equipment. Thanks to these achievements, the implementation of solutions of these suppliers leads to smallest risks, such as reduced productivity by increasing mixed workload, and also in increasing the size of the database and its complexity.

In addition, the maturity of the market requires the leaders to show good notice of key issues, which have been developed over the past year such as: management of mixed workload to ensure the level of service, management satisfying the end consumer, and management of data volumes. Sybase IQ, a leading analytics server in storing data by columns, is used by more than 1800 customers in more than 3100 projects worldwide. It was proved that Sybase IQ shows better results in the critical and important decisions in the areas of business analysts, database storages, and preparation of reports for all types of standards and operating systems.


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