Sygnity to maintain IT systems of the City of Łуdź Office

Sygnity SA has signed another agreement on maintenance and development of IT systems with the City of Lodz Office. The value of the agreement concluded for 12 months is in excess of PLN 3 million gross.

The IT systems covered by the agreement are used by the internal departments of the City Office and by plenty of its subordinate organizational units. They include over 20 applications supporting the most important business processes, such as staff management, collection of local taxes and handling taxpayers, handling budget reports, planning of the city budget and handling control over the use of budget funds. All the systems are integrated in their operation regardless of the fact whether they are used by the internal department of the City Office or an external unit.

The concluded agreement covers also the system ‘eUrzad’ with over 200 electronic forms meant for the dwellers. They are handled by the Document Circulation Subsystem which ensures internal circulation of information and its integration among the systems developed by Sygnity within the frameworks of the programme ‘eLodz’ implemented in 2005-2007.

Source: Sygnity

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