Synerall and Yoga Integrate Smart Energy Solutions to Optimize Energy Management

Synerall and Yoga Integrate Smart Energy Solutions to Optimize Energy Management

The IT company Net Group Ltd. from Tallinn/Estonia announces together with Smart Home company Yoga from Tallinn/ Estonia that they will integrate their solutions to enable better remote energy management by electricity resellers. Thanks to the integration now the energy resellers, who using Synerall CRM/Billing solution and Yoga Smart Home solution, can automatically manage the energy consumption of end users during the peak times. If it is needed to stabilise the volatility of energy flow in the grid, Synerall shall send signals to Yoga Smart Home devices, which will be switched on / off according to the best energy price available from the grid.

Priit Kongo, CEO of Net Group Ltd.:

„The integration is one of the first available full solution for the Smart Grids. This enables to maximise the economical effect for energy reseller and energy consumer as well.“

Priit Vimberg, CEO of Yoga:

„The integration makes Yoga one of the most competitive Smart House solution on the market.“

Net Group Ltd. has developed Synerall, an easy and transparent business application for companies being active in the energy market. The new, interactive and user-friendly web portals from Synerall offer a complete visualization of energy data transparency and show consumption data to residential and business customers. Smart metering consumption data, energy costs, CO2 emission, invoices and offers can be displayed optimally. Consumers can track energy consumption and information at any time and have real-time energy control directly via the internet or smart phones.

About Net Group

Net Group Ltd., based in Tallinn / Estonia has been in the IT market for more than 11 years and has about 90 employees. Net Group is one of the fastest growing IT-companies in Estonia with continuous growth yearly profits. Net Group has the ability to think outside the box, therefore Net Group has been one of the key players in developing high class eSociety, eGovernment and eEnergy solutions for the private and public sector.

About Yoga

Yoga provides self-learning intelligent building solution, that improves indoor environment into more comfortable and reduces energy consumtion at the same time.

Source: Net Group

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