Synergon Presented its Transport Information Technology Solutions

Synergon System Integrator Ltd. introduced a community transport solution of ticket and travel card vending machines related to the public bus service in Sopron. Last week, the company presented its fleet management and passenger information system in Gyor, the city where it is to be rolled out.

In Gyor, Synergon System Integrator Ltd. is constructing fleet management and passenger information system, which is unique in Hungary. At the opening ceremony of the project, the Manager of the Transportation Unit of Synergon System Integrator introduced the apparatus that will change the community transportation of Gyor into a 21st-century-system. Zoltan Szenes explained that the apparatus delivered by Synergon will provide the transport company Kisalfold Volan with accurate and factual information about the situation and mechanical condition of their fleet of vehicles, and about their passengers.

In case of an accident or road block, the vehicles tracked on a map can immediately be diverted by the dispatchers, who communicate with bus drivers through a touch-screen consol installed aboard the vehicle. This consol also warns the driver in case they are behind schedule. Should such a problem arise, the driver will have the opportunity to request a green wave of traffic lights from the intersection controller. All the buses will be equipped with a computer and audible signs that inform passengers about the subsequent stops and interchange possibilities, moreover, the dispatcher will also be able to communicate with the passengers through this equipment. Zoltan Szenes explained that he system is equipped with an emergency signal in protection of the driver: when the signal is activated, the dispatcher will be able to hear (or even see with the help of cameras) the events happening on the vehicle.

Passengers waiting at the bus stop will be able to follow the progress of the service of their choice with the help of an informative board, while the blind and partially sighted will be able to receive spoken information with the help of special buttons.

The system will provide measurable and accurate data about the performance, which will serve as fair basis for future schedule planning. As a result, the sense of comfort of passengers will increase, and the local government will be able to purchase an accurately measured public service.

At the project opening ceremony in Sopron today, Synergon System Integrator Ltd. introduced its automated ticket and travel card vending machines that will be installed in the city. In addition to the delivery of the vending machines, the company will also perform the customization and installation of the related background and surveillance system.

The vending machines, which will be installed in bus stops and serving passengers 24-hour-a-day, will accept both cash and bank/credit card. Consequently, people intending to buy a ticket or a travel card will not have to look for larger intersections to find a ticket counter. In addition to selling tickets for community transportation, the system and the machines installed in bus stops are also suitable for selling tickets for different events (e.g. VOLT Festival, sports events, etc.). Further advantages of the vending machines are their swift operability and that in addition to the Hungarian information they offer the choice of English and German language menus for assisting the ticket purchase of foreign speaking passengers. The machines are in harmony with the European standards promoting equal chance; the developers have taken into consideration the needs of people with disabilities as well (the vending machines are accessible from the wheelchair, while the blind and partially sighted can use a control panel with raised signs and accompanied by spoken commands.).

Source: Synergon

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