Synergon System Integrator Ltd. Delivers a Traffic Information Technology Solution

Synergon System Integrator Ltd. was announced preferred tenderer for Part 2 of the procurement contract „The Transformation of the Public Bus Transport of Gyor City with County Rights” which had been announced by the local government of Gyor City with County Rights and Kisalfold Volan Plc.

The contract of a net total value of 335 million HUF was signed by the parties on 13 August. At the contract signing ceremony, CEO Mihaly Pocza represented Kisalfold Volan Plc., Deputy Mayor Zoltan Nemeth represented Gyor City with County Rights and CEO Mark Lazarovits and Manager of the Public Sector Ferenc Molnar represented Synergon System Integrator Ltd. In the frame of the project, Synergon delivers, installs and puts into operation systems related to traffic control and passenger information.

The joint procurement of Gyor City with County Rights and Kisalfold Volan Plc. was realised in the form of a Public Transport Infrastructure Development tender (NYDOP-2007-3-2-1/B) in the frame of the West Pannon Operational Programme.

Traffic information technology represents a major strategic direction in the long-term plans of Synergon; the company has been studying the field and developing appropriate competences for one and a half years now. Consequently, winning the tender and concluding the contract qualify as important milestones.

Source: Synergon

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