Next Gen Data Management System to Emerge in Russia

Next Gen Data Management System to Emerge in Russia

SDI Research, a Russian company, will receive a $335,000 grant from Russia’s Skolkovo Foundation for the development of a next gen semantic master data management (MDM) system to store and sync data, the Skolkovo Foundation website announced.

The effort will require an estimated $670,000 overall. The developer is expected to raise the remaining 50% from other sources.

The SDI Research project is focused on semantic control of corporate reference data at mechanical engineering companies. According to SDI Research CEO Andrei Andrichenko, his company hopes to complete the task and roll out its product within 18 months.

“The SDI Research solution will help optimize processes at large mechanical engineering holding companies through lowering the cost of reference data management and regular reporting, thus making the commercialization of new products much faster. It is a way of boosting competitiveness for mechanical engineering firms,”

commented Igor Bogachov, the top executive at Skolkovo’s IT cluster.

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