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Why Is Usability Testing Important?

During either mobile testing or web-site testing, usability is always taken into consideration. At the present day, users are more exacting and have a list of demands that need to be fulfilled.    The user does not find the program helpful if there is something embarrassing him or her. For a successful project this fact [...]

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What Must be Checked in an SQL Database Tablets?

Testing of a program back-end must be included in each web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing. Databases are among the most significant components of an application back-end. So, they must be thoroughly checked. A software testing company can confirm that it’s quite a complex task as an SQL database consists of numerous elements [...]

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Why Back-end of an Application Mustn’t be Neglected?

Due to rapid evolving of information technology software products have become multilevel sophisticated systems. That is why no mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing can check the tested application fully and discover all the existing software bugs. Software Products are Usually Tested Partially and Hastily Because: Very thorough manual and automated testing takes [...]

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