What Must be Checked in an SQL Database Tablets?

What Must be Checked in an SQL Database Tablets?

Testing of a program back-end must be included in each web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing. Databases are among the most significant components of an application back-end.

So, they must be thoroughly checked. A software testing company can confirm that it’s quite a complex task as an SQL database consists of numerous elements and data. Each element must comply with the specification. The data must be properly stored and processed. Only in this case the software product can operate as intended and be useful.

It is Necessary to Check the Next Things:

  • if the names of tables and columns correspond to the requirements;
  • if types of the columns are correct;
  • if types of the data are as they must be according to the specification; if the numeric values can be zero or negative;
  • data layout;
  • default definitions and values;
  • if the default values are bond to the appropriate columns;
  • whether the rules are correct;
  • if the rules are bound to the appropriate columns;
  • if access is granted properly to each table and table columns.

One shouldn’t forget to check the keys. Each table must have a primary key.

It is also important to check during mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing if enough space is allocated for each database and their option settings.


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