How to Report Usability Bugs

How to Report Usability Bugs

Software development companies which want to achieve success take care of their products quality. That is why, outsourcing software testing is one of the most popular and promising fields – it helps to check functionality, performance and design of the system.

Security testing or load testing can reveal serious defects of the program and, usually, programmers hurry to fix them. The same can’t be said when it comes to usability testing. Often, software developers underestimate this software testing type and postpone usability updating.

Recommendations on How to Report Usability Bugs Effectively

  • Bugs which concern the same functionality should be grouped, since it pretty much simplifies the process of fixing.
  • It is highly important to be precise as much as possible and avoid using weasel-worded phrases.
  • Every problem should be given a priority. It is necessary to begin with critical bugs and then come to minor defects.
  • If a software tester expresses his own thoughts, he has to mention it, since software developer can take one opinion to be an opinion of all users.
  • Thanks to good theoretical knowledge, software testers can understand the reason for some usability bugs. So it is common practice to make suggestions and provide possible ways of problem solution.

Software testing company does its best to find all significant bugs and minor problems of the system in order to ensure quality of the product and good feedback from users.


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