Tips on How to Test Location-based Mobile Applications

Tips on How to Test Location-based Mobile Applications

Nowadays, many mobile applications include such a sophisticated feature as geolocation. Location-based functionality testing can be a challenging task even for an experienced specialist, because such verification requires extra concentration and much effort.

Functional testing of location-based application is especially important, since quality of the system is a key aspect of the product success.

Here Are Some Tips on How to Perform Location-based Mobile Testing:

  • During mobile application testing it is necessary to define exact characteristics of the required location. This verification helps a software tester to detect any failures and deficiencies of the system.
  • One of the most popular checks is application testing in a flight mode.
  • System functionality should be checked in different networks (Wi-Fi, 3G, etc.).
  • In some cases software testingcan be performed in places with various signal strength, for example, in moving vehicle, subway or shopping center.
  • A certain location can be simulated with help of special instruments.
  • If the application has power saving mode, it is necessary to check how it affects GPS.
  • It is important to test location-based application in motion, during incoming call, in case of signal loss or under other circumstances that come arise when the software is used.

In addition to the above, software testing company, usually, performs security, usability, load testingand other checks in order to ensure quality of the product. Quality of the product is a key to prosperity.


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