The Specifics of VBScript

The Specifics of VBScript

Similar to JavaScript, VBScript is a scripting language of the client-side. The abbreviation ‘VB’ means ‘Visual Basic’. It is a simplified version of Microsoft Visual Basic. That is why the syntax of this language resembles Visual Basic.

VBScript was developed by the Microsoft Corporation with the aim of creating dynamic web pages. Due to this scripting language, the websites are more interactive and ‘alive’. But despite all the advantages of VBScript, it is only the scripting language – it cannot run the actual code.

To run and manage the code, the other language is required. Besides that, there are three environments where VBScript can be launched.

VBScript Can Be Run:

  1. IIS (Internet Information Server) – Microsoft web server.
  2. WSH (Windows Script Host) – the execution environment typical for the source program.
  3. IE (Internet Explorer) – the simplest environment for running VBScripts.

But none of any other web browser will be able to process the VBScript code. This can be done only by Internet Explorer. It is one of the biggest disadvantages of this scripting language. So if the end user opens the website in Opera, Firefox or Chrome, then the VBScript will not be visible for him and its usage will have no sense.

At the same time, the type of operating system also affects the work of VBScript. This language is suitable only for Windows OS, the user will not be able to have it launched on Mac or Linux. VBScript is a default language for ASP.

The specialists who execute web testing (usability control, functional testing, performance checking, security testing, UI checking, cross-browser testing, access control, compatibility testing) can also face with VBScript.


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