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Sanity Testing: General Characteristics

A lot of testing types can be performed on a new build before the detailed verification. In such a case, build acceptance testing, smoke testing and sanity testing are executed. Every software testing type focuses on particular system component or functional issue. But all these types were developed to discover bugs (the incorrect system work [...]

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How to Test Web Software Products?

Web technologies are constantly getting more complicated. They include various functional capabilities and aspects. As users’ needs and desires are never-ending, there exists a critical need of the continuous development and improvement of web applications and websites. One can notice the big change of software products. Simple websites, which contain particular information, have developed into [...]

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Why Is the Safety of Software Products so Important?

In software testing company, a big attention is paid to the safety of data used in the particular application or website. It does not matter what the application type it is – either a game or an application for a bank. The safety of the product is an essential issue. Such focused attention to the [...]

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