How to Test Web Software Products?

How to Test Web Software Products?

Web technologies are constantly getting more complicated. They include various functional capabilities and aspects. As users’ needs and desires are never-ending, there exists a critical need of the continuous development and improvement of web applications and websites.

One can notice the big change of software products. Simple websites, which contain particular information, have developed into rather complicated web applications that can be used for various purposes.

Web software is the basis of e-commerce, social networks and databases. Besides that, web software is used in such fields as medicine, science, building, agriculture, etc. Nowadays it is difficult to perform some actions without using special applications.

There are various available web software products that can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. That is why mobile testing often involves web and mobile application testing.

The development and testing of web software products are complicated processes and require special approaches. The specialists from software testing company are sure that mobile and web applications have to be carefully and thoroughly checked.

The proper work of application is provided with the help of different software testing types. Every product needs a specific way of checking.

Web Software Products Need the Following Testing Types:

  • functional testing (the key point is checking the hyperlinks);
  • compatibility testing;
  • cross-browser testing;
  • user interface testing;
  • usability testing;
  • load testing;
  • security testing.

If the product is available throughout the world, localization testing should be inevitably performed. One more difficulty is that such products have versions for different language speakers.

Mentioned software testing types should also include tests for checking cookies. This issue is important for the proper work of functionality.


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