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5 Reminders for Software Testers

People, who are familiar with modern information technology, know that not only programmers are involved in software development process. Applications became so complex that software engineers cannot do everything by themselves, a lot of other specialists also participate in software development process. Software testers are among them; they play a significant role is assuring quality [...]

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What Should be Checked in Course of Security Testing of a Program Authorization Procedure?

Security has become a significant aspect of modern software products. That is why security testing is included in almost every web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing. One may start checking security level from the user registration and authorization procedure. Combination of username and password is one of the oldest ways of user [...]

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What Career Opportunities Appear in Front of Software Testers?

Though information technology has been rapidly developing since 1990s, many people know little or nothing about software testing and career opportunities in this field. Young talented people can rather quickly move from a junior upward to senior test engineer. One can also become a project manager or team lead upon gaining some experience and knowledge. [...]

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What Testing Types Does Usually System Testing Include?

Any software testing process includes several testing levels. A software testing company emphasizes that each level plays significant role and mustn’t be omitted or executed negligently. Usually a Testing Process Consists of Such Levels: unit testing; integration testing; system testing; acceptance testing. System testing is among the most wide-reaching levels. At this stage of web [...]

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