5 Reminders for Software Testers

5 Reminders for Software Testers

People, who are familiar with modern information technology, know that not only programmers are involved in software development process.

Applications became so complex that software engineers cannot do everything by themselves, a lot of other specialists also participate in software development process. Software testers are among them; they play a significant role is assuring quality of applications executing web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing.

It is not an easy task to be good in manual or automated testing. These activities require profound knowledge of the latest tendencies and peculiarities of information technology, testing methods, approaches and best practices. One also has to be attentive, nice observer, have analytical thinking and be creative.

A Professional Tester Always Remembers That:

  1. There are no flawless software products; those, who look properly, always find what is wrong and what can be improved in the tested program.
  2. It is good to break the application during functional testing, load testing, installation testing, security testing or another testing type. It means that the defects are detected and will be corrected; the end-users will never face them.
  3. Universal testing method or technique hasn’t been elaborated yet. Each project requires a custom solution.
  4. One should create test cases for verifying how the system processes valid, invalid and boundary input data.
  5. If the developers claim that a serious defect is a feature or minor problem, it is necessary to give solid reasons why the reported issue is a defect and its impact on the system. A good tester can prove his or her standpoints.
Source: QATestlab

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