Telerik Elevates Team Dynamics and Productivity with TeamPulse

Telerik, a leading vendor of development tools and user interface components for .NET, today announced the immediate commercial availability of TeamPulse. Resulting from collaborative efforts between Telerik and consulting firm, Imaginet Resources Corp., TeamPulse is an integrated suite of agile scheduling, planning, and tracking tools designed to enrich team dynamics, bridging the boundaries between different stakeholders by providing greater insight into project context.

Developed on the popular Silverlight 4 platform, TeamPulse introduces a number of new technology advancements such as its industry-first Best Practices Analyzer and the new Persona Management view. It also incorporates an array of innovative team-oriented tools addressing critical agile project management needs, including iteration planning and scheduling, team collaboration, requirements management, and real-time project tracking. The intuitive user interface (UI) maintains a natural action flow for development teams, optimizing the decision-making process, minimizing redundancy and reducing waste.

“Telerik and TeamPulse are at the forefront of technology innovation – our Best Practices Analyzer raises the bar for application quality, while the Persona Management view takes the art of human-centered application design and development to the next level,” said Joel Semeniuk, Executive VP, Telerik Team Productivity Tools Division. “TeamPulse unleashes the inherent power of agile software development teams by elevating the overall development process. It is a strong demonstration of our role as a change agent for the software development industry.”

The Best Practices Analyzer is a pioneering technology not found in other team productivity solutions on the market. Leveraging a unique framework developed by Telerik, the analytical tool automatically evaluates then reports on which project elements are divergent from best practices standards. The suite includes a set of pre-determined best practices, however, the Best Practices Analyzer is built to allow the addition of new best practices based on a team’s particular organizational or project requirements.

TeamPulse’s Persona Management view provides teams with a rich editor for identifying application requirements, such as needed features and functionality, as well as defining end-user characteristics. The innovative human-centric tool gives developers a clearer picture of how end users will interact with and use their application, thereby allowing them to better capture, understand, and leverage vital end-user requirements and expectations.

In addition to its Best Practices Analyzer and Persona Management view, the commercial launch of TeamPulse includes a range of other new features and enhanced functionality:

  • Requirements management – facilitates the planning process by providing tools addressing critical elements like story management, estimation, and prioritization
  • Planning and scheduling – allows project requirements to be divided and decomposed into separate tasks which can then be scheduled into iterations
  • Project tracking and analytics – provides a transparent, real-time view of project health, including up-to-date information on individual and team progress, via integrated analytics and streamlined dashboards
  • Traceability – enables accurate tracking of business value during the course of the development cycle

Source: Telerik

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