The Economics of Modern Technology for Improved Business Efficiency – IBM zEnterprise

The Economics of Modern Technology for Improved Business Efficiency – IBM zEnterprise
Start: February 23, 2012
Address: Belgrade, Yugoslavia
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Radical changes are ahead of today’s IT landscape for enterprise computing and it’s not just about technology. Virtualization, blade servers, emerging management frameworks, ILM strategies, and energy efficiency are the end result of a need to shift the fundamental economic equation for the datacenter. The design of application workloads has changed and become more complex, dynamic, and unpredictable, with components of end-to-end workloads running across multiple tiers of the computing infrastructure to support business services. IBM zEnterprise delivers a unique hybrid computing model that allows data centers to optimize workload deployment on best fit technologies with a common management infrastructure while driving down overall costs with increased efficiency. This model integrates data serving and analytics for actionable insight and enables fast and flexible delivery of new services.

According to IDC’s Workload Automation Challenges and Opportunities, May 2011, organizations are tasked with ensuring that mission-critical business workloads are available, reliable, cost-effective, and secure. The major forces shaping the increasingly unpredictable behavior of today’s enterprise workload environments include Increasing heterogeneity of hardware and software environments, as well as ongoing compliance, data protection, and security concerns. Beyond the physical and virtual heterogeneity and diverse application architectures found in many organizations, workload peak hours and processing requirements are becoming less predictable and more variable over time. The zEnterprise is a workload-optimized, multi-architecture compute system capable of hosting many workloads integrated together, and efficiently managed as one single entity. It is designed to deploy and intelligently manage workloads across both mainframe and distributed technologies with the same tools, techniques and a single management interface.

This exclusive roundtable conference will bring decision makers from across Government, financial, telecommunication and different sectors of the economy together with leading experts from IDC, IBM and Serbian Business Systems, to share their experiences and discuss the latest IT trends, and how an ensemble of closely federated heterogeneous compute resources, effectively a complete multi-architecture ensemble that is managed as a single entity at the platform level to meet business requirements, can cut operational costs while increase efficiency, and bring additional values to the users and, on the broader scale, to society as a whole.

Source: IDC CEMA
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