The Evolution of Cloud Computing – Helping Today’s Enterprises Move Towards the Cloud

The Evolution of Cloud Computing – Helping Today’s Enterprises Move Towards the Cloud
Start: September 12, 2013 12:00 pm
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Leading companies are in the process of evolving their current IT infrastructure to become more “cloud-like”. The potential benefits are many.  IT organizations look to become better internal service providers, to provide greater agility and responsiveness to business needs, offer improved service in terms of latency and availability, as well as lower costs through cloud deployments.

However, this cloud computing evolution does take time. As technologies advance, enterprises evolve and adopt new policies and processes to embrace the advancements. And often, the technical building blocks for cloud computing are available in advance of enterprise readiness. Therefore, it is important to stay one step ahead by learning about current cloud strategies from experienced cloud experts.

This webinar will provide strategies to help you find cloud based solutions that will enable you to move toward cloud computing at a pace that fits your business needs. Drawing from over 12 years of experience as a premier cloud provider to over 5.5 million users, our featured experts from Oracle Managed Cloud Services will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Understanding the opportunities and benefits of moving to cloud-computing
  • What is the best cloud deployment model for your business needs -  Public, Private, or Hybrid
  • The changing landscape of cloud security, compliance considerations and mitigating risk
  • The value that managed cloud services can add to your cloud deployment strategy


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