The Infovide-Matrix Center of Innovations is being formed

Infovide-Matrix SA has created a Center of Innovations, a company whose role will be to conduct research and development works in the field of managerial, product and strategic innovations related to information technologies used in business. Infovide-Matrix SA took hold of 100% of the capital of the brought-to-existence Center. The company will start its operations in Warsaw this autumn. Borys Stokalski will become the President of the Center. He is now responsible, among other things, for the co-ordination and support of innovation processes in Infovide-Matrix.

“Innovations have always been one of the most important elements of Infovide-Matrix’s strategy. The essence of our business model is constant development of the offer in relation to technological innovations, advancement of management practices as well as present and future customers’ needs. Bringing to existence the Center of Innovations is a natural consequence of that path. The Center, operating within the confines of Infovide-Matrix Capital Group, will focus on drawing up solutions, in a systematical manner, to support our clients in successful execution of strategic transformations”. – said Borys Stokalski, the President of Infovide-Matrix Center of Innovations and Vice-President of the Board, Infovide-Matrix.

Infovide-Matrix has previously carried out R&D projects making use of EU funds to finance works on tools and methods development employed in co-operation with clients. The successfully completed projects are (among others):

  • ICONS (Intelligent CONtent Management System) – methodology of creating intelligent systems of information management 
  • M-CAST – multilingual system for searching and aggregation of information
  • ReDSeeDS (Requirements Driven Software Development System) – an open system consisting of software generating method steered by requirements, repository of re-use and comprehensive tool support.

Within the confines of our co-operation with an American analytical company, Cutter Consortium, Infovide-Matrix’s experts are also among the prestigious body of Cutter Innovation Council. The team conducts work on creating tools for strategic planning of services’ architecture development.

The Center of Innovations will carry out development projects comprising new management techniques, business models, information tools and platforms in the following fields: electronic services management, interactive media, knowledge management, the use of networking models in product, marketing and logistics development.

Those solutions will be successively incorporated into the offer of Infovide-Matrix Group.


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