The Largest IT Holding Company Has Been Created in Belarus

The Largest IT Holding Company Has Been Created in Belarus

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus registered “ST Group” as holding company on May 10. Thus, “ST Group” has become one of the first holdings in the IT area. The companies “System Technologies”, “Rond”, “Marco”, “Marco-Plus” and “Belsoft-Borlas Group” were included in the new structure, previously consolidated under the Innovation association “ST Group”. Also, the leading company of Innovation Association “ST Group” was formed for creation of holding. There are a lot of large-scale tasks stays in front of the “ST Group” today. We are actively cooperating with international vendors, support new development technologies and partnership programs. Our companies successfully completes more than 100 different projects each year.

Integration of competencies within the holding is intended to a significant increase in “ST Group” business, – says Alexander Mukovozchik, CEO of the holding. – If the number of our employees now exceeds 500 people, then over the five years we plan to increase this figure to 1000. Holding structure enhances the integration of central departments and companies to carry out a coordinated investment policy. “ST group” is actively expanding its presence in the CIS and Western Europe markets. A representative office in the United States was opened at the beginning of this year.

The transition to a pure holding company structure will ensure more transparent form of interaction between the companies for joint innovation projects. “ST Group” will focus on services for the banking sector and industry. The updated scheme of interaction involves more assertive stance niche of each of the holding participants within their competence. Integration within the holding company will allow companies from “ST Group” to implement a comprehensive customer service for each of the activities. Joint activities of companies include optimum use of resources for the provision of the current services.


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