The Nearshoring Choice of European Businesses

During one of the latest Global Services’ webinars, Avinash Vashistha, CEO and Chairman Tholons, noted: “Western Europe has done a significant amount of nearshoring to Eastern European countries which have become a part of European Union.”

But what makes EE/CEE locations so attractive for Western clients? Why, unlike their American counterparts, European businesses prefer to keep their IT initiatives close to home? Why such popular offshore destinations like India and China are losing ground?

According to Tholons and Global Services’ joint study, the first reason for Europe’s neashoring success lies in the conservative nature of Europeans who are comfortable to keep work close to home and do not have a settled tradition of sending work overseas. And traditions mean much in Europe.

The second reason is the wide choice of Eastern European countries which are traditionally strong in IT with a reputable and solid background in computer science. For example, the study distinguished the following EE countries: Poland is strong in BPO and IT, Hungary offers cost effectiveness for clients, Russia is good at technology development and R&D work, Ukraine offers capabilities in BPO, and Romania in business analytics.

And last but not least, the study mentions financial attractiveness, cultural compatibility, and good educational structure of EE countries.

Attractive combination altogether, isn’t it? No doubt, EE/CEE shall see increased investments in the near future and increased customer interest in their IT offering.

Source: EPAM

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