The three-fold benefit of IT outsourcing

The benefits of IT outsourcing can be broken down into three broad categories, according to an expert.

Industry professional Mark Kobayashi-Hillary told SSON the three areas were technological, operational and regional.

The first aspect is characterised by a “coming together of various strands of technical thinking on virtualisation”, he explained.

Operationally, IT providers are now adapting to clients’ demands to pay for services as they used and an increasing interest “in value outcomes from the relationship”, which is a beneficial model for end users.

On the final area, Mr Kobayashi-Hillary said: “Regionally, there are many new developments. The global south, especially Latin America and Africa, will be places to watch this decade as companies in those regions turn their attention to export markets.”

Sundeep Khisty, of HP Enterprise Services, said IT outsourcing providers can also help business with the increasingly pressing concern of reducing their carbon emissions.

Source: ihotdesk

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