Tieto businesses in Latvia will merge to one company from next year

On 16th September, during Tieto Latvia official office opening ceremony, company announced that TietoEnator Alise, SIA is changing its name to Tieto Latvia and will merge with another Tieto company in Latvia- TietoEnator SIA from 2011. With more than 640 employees, Tieto Latvia will become the largest IT service business in the Baltic States.

Tieto Latvia will offer to its enterprise and public sector customers a full set of infrastructure, application development as well as cloud services. To make this happen, Tieto Latvia has its own fast growing team of talents in Latvia, supported by the best practices and competencies from the 17 000 people in Tieto corporation. Tieto Latvia has also global R&D competence centres such as Tieto’s card solutions units, which products are developed in Latvia, but used by the banks in countries around the world.

”Latvian society, companies and the government, is taking major steps on increasing productivity and questioning old ways of working. We at Tieto are excited about this development and we are committed to support this progress. In reality this means merging our current businesses in Latvia, investments on new competencies as well as introduction of full set of new services. We believe that by working together, we can offer excellent platform for Latvia be even more competitive in global competition”, says Pekka Viljakainen, head of Tieto International.

Elmars Gengers, Tieto Latvia, Country manager: “Merging of Tieto companies in Latvia, new office and change of the company name are final steps of the integration of the Tieto businesses in Latvia. This will make us more flexible, productive and allow us to provide better service to our customers”.


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