TMT Ventures’08 17 April 2008, Kiev, Ukraine

Start: April 17, 2008
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TMT.Ventures’08 Kyiv is most exciting conference for innovative technology entrepreneurs and ICT executives, local and regional VC’s and angel investors as well as media people and industry opinion leaders. Be the part of this exciting event, express your opinions during discussion panels and participate in ‘7 minutes’ unique competition for innovative entrepreneurs and their projects.

The topics to be covered are emerging trends and opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe and developments of fast-growing and innovative industries such as new media and internet, new technologies, telco and related opportunities for the Ukrainian growing market.
A Special Guest of the conference will be  Ms. Lidia Adamska, Member of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, who will be speaking about the regional role and strategy of the WSE, as well as about the advantages of a debut in Warsaw and a ‘dual listing’ for Ukrainian companies.

An especially interesting figure of the conference is Yuri Boyko, who possesses international experience as a serial entrepreneur and independent Advisor to Eastern European start-ups on business development strategy and raising capital. During his entrepreneurial carrier Yuri successfully launched several technology companies. Among clients of his ventures were Fortune 500 companies such as Logitech, AT&T, Motorola, Wrigley, Chrysler, Grainger, and many others.

Another talk which promises to be interesting is that by Paul Fisher, who is the Associate in Advent Venture Partners,  one of the first US-style venture capital firms in Europe, with over 500 mln GBP of fund commitments under management. Paul will be giving a keynote speech on emerging trends in technology venture capital in Central and Eastern Europe.

‘7minutes’ competition during TMT Ventures’08 Kiev

‘7 minutes’ is a unique competition for innovative entrepreneurs and their projects from the space of telco, new media and new technologies. It is an express elevator up to the community of investors and experienced businesspeople with decision-making power whose recommendations and support are like rocket fuel for the projects aimed in the right direction.

‘7 minutes’ is also a challenge for entrepreneurs trying to make an impression and deliver a convincing presentation in an extremely short period of 7 minutes. It is a test of self-confidence and charisma for the project-leaders standing in front of a demanding audience, their competition, world-class investors, bloggers and media people.

Entrepreneurs willing to face the ‘7 minutes’ challenge are submitting their applications on New Europe Events’ website. Contest is open to applications from such market segments as:

  • internet and mobile services
  • e-commerce applications and technologies
  • multimedia innovations
  • technologies integrating off-line with on-line (geolocation, navigation)
  • web 2.0 innovations
  • consumer electronics innovations

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