Topconf Tallinn 2017

Topconf Tallinn 2017
Start: October 20, 2017
Venue: Sokos Hotel Viru
Address: Viru väljak 4, 10111, Tallinn, Estonia
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From Data To Value, Managing software development, Disruption, Product Lifecycle Management, Backend, Web & Mobile, Prospective Architecture, Software craftsmanship.

  • Disruption: ”Software is eating the world” – more and more disruptive changes are based on software innovations. They deliver a lot of amazing opportunities in many areas of our lives, but also raise the bar in terms of ethics for software developers. Not everything that can be done with today’s technologies should be done. In this track, we will take a deeper look at some the required responsibilities and the possibilities that come with the disruptive changes. We will also shed some light on the related conflict areas and ethics – how can software developers act to live up to the required responsibility?
  • Prospective Architecture: with the rise of cloud and digitization, new types of architectures emerged. A common property of these architectures is that they are all distributed by default, highly responsive, scalable, fault-tolerant and flexible. This way they are very different from the traditional information system and batch architectures as well as from typical web application architectures. In this track, we will have a look at selected aspects of these architectures, learn why they will eventually become predominant and which new challenges this means for all of us.
  • From Data To Value: over the last few years data engineering technologies and analytical tools have significantly matured and become available to a wider audience. This has led to a situation where more and more organizations have realized that their rapidly growing volume of data is what lays the foundation to their future success. Nevertheless, we can say that we are just at the beginning of this long journey of maximizing potential value from the data. Constant rise of new technologies and analytical methods allow companies to gain a competitive advantage over those who are lagging behind. The goal of this track is to present the latest trends in data engineering analytics domain and focus on real-life applications of Big Data and Machine Learning. Let’s transform data into value, together!
  • Backend: behind the facade of front-end hides a maze of intertwined services. These services do the heavy lifting of any software system. We strive for simplicity, maintainability, and robustness with our designs and technological choices for the backend services. This track covers various aspects of the backend, from the core JVM to monitoring and scalability.

These and many more topics will be highlighted on the Topconf Tallinn 2017!



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