TotalSoft Offers Key Software Components for Developing Applications on iOS & Android Platforms

TotalSoft Offers Key Software Components for Developing Applications on iOS & Android Platforms

Acollada, the Software Development Division of TotalSoft, announces its entry into the software components market dedicated to IT companies, developers and freelancers worldwide, with its iOS Charting release on the most used online components channel – ComponentSource.

The software components market is the most dynamic segment in the IT industry, with an estimated increase rate of more than 40% in the next 5 years. The main growth engine comes from the boost of mobile applications, whose value exceeded 15 Billion USD in 2011 according to Gartner.

Acollada iOS Charting Component allows freelancer developers and software houses to incorporate in their proprietary applications built for Apple mobile devices high interactive and eye catching graphics. This complete set of animated graphical interfaces includes line charts, time charts, pie charts and data grids, with transitions and effects. It supports multi-touch for pie chart, spinning and navigation through data line and time charts. This component is key for the unique user interaction with a software product on iOS platform.

Software Development based on components is a widely used practice in IT companies where the resources’ shortage is solved not by increasing the headcount, but by system architects that assess and select different independent software modules they integrate in their proprietary solutions. Thus, the software companies save significant time and money resources, allowing their in-house programmers to focus on key areas, with high added value.

“We intend a strategic reorientation of the software division Acollada, addressing the huge potential in the mobile devices and new technologies sector. We focus mainly on HTML5, which allows running software on any OS, for both B2B and B2c, on Android and iOS. We aim to reach €3 Million revenues from software components and mobile apps by the end of 2014, with 30% profitability rate”, says Daniel Ionescu, Sales & Marketing Director @TotalSoft.

ComponentSource is the world’s largest marketplace and community for reusable software components and development tools for all platforms. Over 1,000 components indexed by technology or platform are available to the 125,000 companies customers. Thanks to the partnership with ComponentSouce, TotalSoft’s solutions will be promoted and accessible to 1 Million software developers in 180 countries.

Acollada is the first Romanian software house that offers reusable software components, dedicating resources to create, document, test and publish software modules, offered to a virtually unlimited market of programmers worldwide.

The product is available for developers at

About TotalSoft

With over 17 years of experience, TotalSoft is the largest Romanian ERP provider, according to the market research company Pierre Audoin Consultants. With 1,500 clients in the private and public sector in 25 countries, such as USA, Germany, UK, Austria, Italy or France, TotalSoft has an undeniable expertise in 9 verticals, focusing on retail and distribution, constructions, financial services and medical ones.

Part of TotalSoft, Acollada Software Development division has delivered 300+ custom software projects in 25 countries and is recommended by well-established collaborations, of 5 to 10 years, with very demanding customers.

TotalSoft is member of Global Finance Group, one of the largest private investment companies in South-Eastern Europe, with offices in Athens, Bucharest, Sofia and Belgrade. Global Finance manages funds amounting to over EUR 850 million and has carried out over 70 investments since its founding in 1991.

Source: TotalSoft

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