Outsourcing: towards a new public service model. 30 June, 2010. London

Start: June 30, 2010
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During the last 25 years outsourcing has become an increasingly important means of delivering public sector services. After the general election, it is expected to be given a much greater boost, with a presumption that outsourcing will become the normal means to deliver public services. This will have a profound impact on the public sector, which will move more towards a commissioning and procurement management model.

All parts of the public sector will be affected. It is only a matter of time before whole organisations are outsourced and we find chief executives employed by outsourcing companies. It is only a small step from the increasing use of private sector secondments in Whitehall to formal outsourcing contracts to develop and manage critical policy areas. Industry is gearing up to take advantage of the opportunities and many new players are entering the market.

One of the drivers for outsourcing is the public sector spending deficit. Either cheaper ways must be found to deliver public services, or they will suffer. Outsourcing is seen as one of several ways to deliver public services more cheaply and effectively. There is evidence to suggest that well conceived, executed and managed outsourcings can deliver savings of 20% plus. Outsourcing requires clear performance monitoring and it can provide, for the first time, a comprehensive understanding of performance and costs, thus introducing much greater transparency. This, together with robust contracts, can create greater accountability than hitherto.

This conference explores the financial pressures on the public sector and considers how the delivery of public services will change over the next few years. It will examine various outsourcing models (including off-shoring), how to develop and deliver successful outsourcing strategies, and the data security issues for outsourcing, and will also provide a legal update. Finally, the conference will look at whether the evidence for outsourcing really stacks up.

Outsourcing: towards a new public service model is a ‘must’ for all public sector personnel who may be affected by or involved in the execution and management of outsourcings.


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