Ukraine Companies Catalog Provides Information About Local Economics

Since collaboration in the information technology sphere with Ukraine increases IT Catalogue has decided to create an information module about economics, population, cost for different types of services in the country.

“Since our country is at the stage of development and economical growth it seems to be really very advantageous to launch business in Ukraine, however once the person comes to such decision he/she needs to check if it will be profitable for him to have one in such CIS country, so the economical and population information is needed.

“As for costs of living, we have checked dozens of business sites and only a few of them provide information, which is needed, for person who is planning to have a business trip to Ukraine.

“So we have decided to run information module at our website so anyone who need it will be able to find Russian and English versions of this information provided in the form of convenient informative tables and graphs,” says manager Mayya Kochina.

“It is obvious that IT Catalogue team is not going to stop improving their project, developing News and Events module, we won’t stop increasing the data they have collected about Ukraine and IT outsourcing to Ukraine, and will be happy to hear any opinions on the work we already have done,” Mayya concludes.


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